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Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, has been described by some as the city with the best weather in the world. Whether or not this is true, the sun shone almost constantly the months we were there, and the island definitely lived up to it's reputation for powerful, unforgiving surf.

The island’s most popular surfing area is Las Canteras which offers a variety of beach and reefbreaks, the most famous of these being El Confital, renowned as being one of the best waves in the Canaries and infamous for heavy localism. Luckily we befriended one of the locals who introduced us to the madmen who surf this wave with an obsession.

The paddle out and take off here are easy, it’s only when you bottom turn and look down the line and see the wave starting to build that the nerves can kick in as you watch it almost doubling in size as you race towards the midsection. It’s when over this shallow, razor sharp reef that the lip pitches over you to create a perfect turquoise barrel that it all makes sense why this crew is so dedicated to surfing this wave, and why they protect it so ferociously. 

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Florianopolis, an island just off the coast of southern Brazil, deserves to make it onto any travelling surfer’s list of places to visit.

Known as the 'Island of Magic' or 'Floripa' to her friends, this is a land full to the brim with stunning views, powerful waves, friendly people, wild parties and a fierce local drink similar to cachaca, which seems to go in everything from cocktails to cars. 

We headed straight for Joaquina where a fresh swell was just beginning to roll in, and having reversed the hire car into a lamppost in an overexcited panic, paddled out just as the light was beginning to fade. 

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Travel is as much a part of surfing as the actual act of riding a wave, whether it be driving a few miles down the coast or flying halfway around the world. Good kit is important, particularly when you're far from home.

For us this means high quality surfboards that with blanks made from waterproof foam, well padded boardcovers to absorb the knocks along the way, and traction pads made from premium EVA with 3M adhesive, which is why we’ve spent the last four years designing a range of surf equipment that does exactly this. 

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